Training and Teaching

Willington is a certified training practice. At times, GP trainees will be hosted here. These are fully qualified doctors who are able to consult and prescribe independently but who are in the process of completing their specialist GP training. They are supervised by the GPs in the practice at all times. If you would rather not be seen by the GP trainee, please make this clear to the receptionist when booking your appointment. 

Willington Surgery also hosts medical students. They are not yet qualified doctors but are gaining experience in general practice as part of their medical degree. Exposure to General Practice early on in doctors' training is important if we are to recruit more doctors into General Practice. All of our doctors are passionate about their career in General Practice and they strive to enthuse undergraduates and promote this career path, where possible. 

Medical students are usually sitting in and observing a GP. They may on occasion be asked to see a patient on their own, before the GP appointment, to gain understanding of how to consult with patients. You should be informed by reception staff if a medical student will be present during your consultation. If you would rather they were not present, please inform the receptionist at the time of your booking.