If you are a carer (or you are being cared for) please come in to the surgery or email to make sure you are registered as a carer on your notes.

There is some great information on or Support for carers in Derbyshire - Derbyshire County Council including the latest newsletters and online groups. If you are a carer of a cancer patient, you could try

Are you a Carer?

A carer is anyone who cares for a relative or friend, young or old, who is disabled due to a physical or mental impairment or by old age.

Many people do not associate themselves with the term carer; they simply see themselves as relatives or friends doing their duty.

As a carer you will have your own individual problems but there are problems that are the same for many carers.

About Carers

It is estimated that there are 6.8 million carers in Britain of which 112,000 live in Derbyshire. Of these, 40,000 care for someone in their own home and the rest care for someone living elsewhere.

The majority of carers are aged between 40 and 60, however, a growing number are older and some are even younger than this. It is a mistaken view to assume that only women are carers.

Carers perform tasks like general housework, personal care, dressing, feeding, bathing, and toileting. Caring may be physically arduous, involving lifting, transferring, aiding walking, pushing wheelchairs and dealing with incontinence. Giving care with little or no support, especially at night, can be mentally and physically exhausting.

We have Derbyshire Carers Association doing clinics in surgery approximately  every two months - please ask at the surgery for the next clinic date. 

Carers Registers

The government has asked GP’s to register all carers in each practice. This should enable carers to have access to the support services available in their area. Please speak to us at the surgery and we can advise you on how to do this.

Carers Health

A Carer’s health may be affected by the stresses and strains of caring. To avoid overlooking your own health needs, ask your GP or Practice Nurse about health checks for carers.

Carer Assessments

If you provide a substantial amount of care for someone, you may be entitled to an assessment from Social Services or the Carers Associations. From the assessment they will identify your needs as a Carer and provide appropriate services and help to assist you in your caring role.

How to Register As a Carer

Please download and print the form and hand in to Reception. Alternatively, drop-in to the surgery and ask for a leaflet. 

Form to download Carers' Questionnaire.

If you would also like to gain consent to discuss medical issues regarding the person you are caring for, you will need to get consent from the patient and complete this document Patient Consent Form.

Caring For Carers

Please call your local Association on:

Derby 01332 271761

Community 01332 270072

Caring Safely at Home - Unpaid Carers The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIC) has created a video-based resource designed to help people look after someone safely at home which practices are requested to share with carers.