Surgery process

Surgery Process

The surgery does not accept prescription requests over the telephone due to safety. A two full working days notice (ideally 5) is required for medicines orderline and the surgery. You may not need to take some medicines all the time (for example, pain killers). You do not need to order these every time, but only when you need them. Your medicines should last for the same number of days. If you are running out or have too much of some medication, please tell one of the practice staff or the pharmacy. We will adjust the quantities so that you only have to make on request every 28 or 56 days for your regular items. An appointment with a Pharmacist or GP at least every 12 months to review your medication. At your next appointment tell the doctor if there are items that you are no longer taking. Always ask the Pharmacist or GP if you are unsure of any of your medicines. Do not stockpile medicines at home. Only order those items that you need.

Electronic Prescribing Service

This practice is set up for the electronic prescription service. For more information and to see if your medication can go onto this system please contact the surgery pharmacisit. 

We can send your prescription to your chosen chemist saving you having to contact or come down to the surgery.

To get your prescription sent to your chosen pharmacy your can use the NHS App or contact our reception team. 

RE Pres 2

Repeat Prescriptions

Telephone 0115 855 0260 or complete the medicine orderline form 

The Medicine Orderline (MOL) will have access to your medication and process your request. Your medication needs to be within 7 days of the prescribing date for the online system to be able to process. 

Staff are trained to deal with prescription requests and are able to resolve problems while patients are on the phone. Patients will also be told if a review is needed and this information is passed to the surgery so that this can be organised prior to when they order again.

If you have any issues with your medication you should contact the surgery on 01283 703318 or use a contact us form  

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